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Starting school in US in Fall semester vs Spring semester

So what is the fall season, and which one of fall season or spring season  is the best time  to start school in US ?!?!

Here are the names of four seasons observed in the US in Hindi:-

** SPRING         (saavan) begins 1st March
** SUMMER     (garmi) begins 1st June
** FALL             (patjhad) begins 1st September
** WINTER       (sardi) begins 1st December

I hope I did not screw up on the hindi names. Anyways, Summer is short but really nice, and Fall is all colorful. Fall is actually what we call patjhad in hindi. Fall is when the trees start shedding leaves (and before they are all gone, they turn pink and orange and look amazing). Fall is also the start of the school year. 5th September, right after the labor day holiday, is when most students in US start school.

Another time of the year when you have an option to start school is Spring. The number of students joining in in spring is nothing compared to Fall. Partly because everyone else starts in Fall, and majorly because everything else is aligned with the Fall semester. We will discuss this "everything else".
-Most tuition/financial aid grants are made to the students starting in Fall, thereby the funds are limited by the time it is Spring, and hence chances of getting aid in Spring are no where near those in Fall.

-Most new student orientation type things are done in Fall, so you miss out on those. And if you are an international student, believe me you don't want to miss these orientation trainings.

-Most schools have what they call the "International Club".  Here you get a chance to make new friends, and do fun things with these fellow international students. While you can join in on the fun in Spring, it is best to start when the club starts out every year in Fall.

-Most important, most companies tend to do all their hiring in Apr-Aug. So if you start in the Spring semester, you would usually finish up in a fall semester, and would find very few companies hiring in Jan-Mar period. This would certainly not be an issue for someone who started in Fall and then finished his graduation in Spring. You might argue that since fewer students started in Spring, and so fewer will come out in Fall and hence lesser competition in the job market at that time; but believe me that is certainly not the case cause very few companies are hiring during that period.

-And last but definitely not the least, fall is also the time when most stores here have what they advertise as "back to school sales". You can get some really good deals during these sales on various school essentials like laptops, school supplies, etc.

So fellas, plan all your preparation so that you start in the Fall semester. Yes people still do join in in the spring semester, and they still get jobs, but why make it any more difficult than it already is??

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