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Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 : New Delhi

The 19th Commonwealth games are about to kickoff on 3rd October, 2010 in New Delhi, the capital city of India. Preparations are on full swing to host this first mega sporting event in Delhi. The games will be held from 3rd October to 14th October, 2010.

The schedule for Commonwealth Games 2010 can be found here:-

Other details, venues, ticketing information and up to date news about the preparations for commonwealth games 2010 can be obtained from the official website at

Here is the official promotional video of the 2010 Commonwealth Games, New Delhi:-

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HOW TO make the best impression on your first date

Your first date would be your most important date because if you mess this up, you can kiss that elusive second date goodbye. Ask any couple who has been together for a while and they would fondly tell you about that unforgettable first date. So what should you talk about on your first date, how to break the ice, and how to avoid those awkward moments of silence.

The KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid) principle applies to that first date just as much as it does to anything else. Start off with simple general question, get to know as much about them and their personality as you can. And try to look them in the eye.

Well, to begin with your first date should be about getting to know your date. Start of with asking them about their day, their work and what they do in their spare time.

Then you can move on to asking them about where they are from, their family, or how long they've been living here. DO NOT forget to be polite and try to make these questions part of a flowing conversation.

Other things that you can talk about is your date's taste in food or music. Most all people love food and music, their is little risk that you'd ever go wrong talking about these two subjects.

Ask them about their hobbies, what they do in their free time; and if you find something in common that both of you are passionate about, voila. That could start a whole new conversation right there that would interest both of you.

Discuss with them about any other countries that they might have visited. That is an easy way to find out if they like to travel and are adventurous or prefer to stick around homeground.

And then another topic that you can not go wrong with is pets. BUT please respect their preference if they happen to be a dog person and you're not. Just smartly change the subject to something else.

Finally, some things that you should STAY AWAY FROM ON YOUR FIRST DATE are talking about past relationships, ex-es, their financial situation, the car they drive. These topics sound too nosey to be getting into the first time you meet a person. Just play this first one nicely, and if all goes well, you'll get plenty of opportunities to ask just about anything as both of you get more confortable with each other :)

MOST important thing to remember on the day of your GRE

The nerves can get to anyone on the actual day of  their GRE exam. But the one thing that you should not forget is to shortlist at least 4 universities that you wish to apply to. Do this research well before the exam and make your list before the exam day. And why should you make that list? BECAUSE your GRE exam fee also includes sending your exam score to 4 schools for FREE. Yes. Here is the official verbiage from the the GRE website:-

"Your test fee entitles you to request that scores be sent to as many as four graduate institutions or fellowship sponsors. For the computer-based GRE® General Test, you will be asked to designate your score recipients at the test center. For the paper-based GRE General Test, you will be asked to designate your score recipients during registration or on your admission ticket correction stub. You will be required to pay US$23 per recipient to have scores sent at a later date."

So remember to make a list of 4 schools before your exam, and then send your score to these schools right after your exam if you are happy with your score. Any additional schools that you wish to apply to will cost you $23 a pop. However, if you do not like what you scored and decide to take GRE again at a later date, do not send your scores.

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