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Kindle 3 crashes and freezes

I ordered a Kindle 3 a few days ago and it is scheduled to ship on or before Sept 17th. But now that I am reading about it, Amazon forums are full of complaints from people who have received their new Kindle and are experiencing random crashes and freezes on it.

People have reported crashes/freezes while doing just about anything, from opening pdf's, to browsing the internet, to organizing collections, to even reading books.

Here is a very nice and frequently updated discussion of people who have received their Kindle 3 and how they are dealing with the random crashes/freezes - Kindle 3 crashes freezes

Now it seems with each passing day, and as more people are receiving their pre-ordered Kindle 3's, the frequency of posting and the total number of posts on that forum is going higher. But here are a few important details that I have picked out from the overall discussion:-

"I received my new K3 3G+WiFi this morning. Unfortunately, it has already crashed/rebooted three times in half an hour. The WiFi is not on - it is working on the 3G network. One crash was while attempting to move the cursor in the Kindle Store; another was while using the menu; and another was just while reading following a download. I only have two downloaded books and three archived items. So I don't think the issue is limited to WiFi-only kindles, or to indexing of large collections."
"Mine just rebooted again. I was on my WiFi and in Wikipadeia searching for a word. It locked up part way through typing the word and then rebooted."
"Called to Kindle Customer Service (1-866-321-8851) and was told to hold the slider to the right and not release for quite a while. The screen went white, collections came back, and I was still holding it before he let me release it. Then, before I could check on a book, it rebooted"

"Customer Service asked to replace my device. I asked why a new one wouldn't be the same and was told that they think only some devices are affected. That sounded flimsy to me, so I asked to hang onto it a while and see if I continue to have the problem."

"When highlighting or taking notes, I will get a crash and it will crash again after about 10 min each time."

 "I got my K3 Graphite WiFi-only 3 days ago and have had multiple freezings. First times were when using web browser, so decided not to use this anymore since it's still 'experimental'; had to do a hard reset (power switch > 15 sec hold) to get it going again. Then had a freeze on the Amazon store."
"I've had the 3G/WiFi since Monday and it has crashed several times doing various things like browsing, reading PDFs and last night turn a page."

 "I haven't had any problem since getting the patch. All files work fine, as does assembling of Collections."

"The beta patch is working fine on my K3 3G+WiFi. No reboots or freezes in two days of heavy use since the patch was applied. Amazon will take care of everyone."

Their is also talk of a 3.0.1 software patch that is being released to fix all these Kindle 3 errors, but so far it is not entirely clear if these crashes/freezes are entirely a software issue. I guess I'll wait and see. Waiting anxiously for Sept 17th for my Kindle 3 wifi to ship :)

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