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HOW TO download Kindle 3 software update 3.0.1

How do I download the Kindle 3 (latest generation) software update 3.0.1. And how do I install the update..

Amazon has released a software update 3.0.1 for Kindle 3 latest generation (wifi+3g) and Kindle 3 latest generation (wifi only). This is supposed to fix the random crashes and freezes that Kindle 3 owners are dealing with. You can download and install this software update on your Kindle 3 from these urls:-

Kindle 3G (Free 3G + Wi-Fi)
If your Serial no. has prefix B006, download the following release:-

If your Serial no. has prefix B00A, download the following release:-

Kindle 3G (Wi-Fi only)
If your Serial no. has prefix B008, download the following release:-

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