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HOW TO number pages in MS Word starting from specific page

Q. Number pages of  a Microsoft Word document starting from a specific page so that -
*First 3 pages will have no numbers
**Then pages 4 through 8, with the Table of Contents, Table of Figures etc on them, should be numbered using roman numerals (i, ii, iii....)
***And finally the following pages of the document  should be numbered using digits starting from 1.

Ok, so this is how Microsoft Word works for numbering your document. When you need different numbering schemes for different parts of your document, you divide your document into what is called SECTIONS

Here is how to create sections:-
Place your cursor to the page/position in your word document where you need the section break. A section break really is like a dividing point for what's above and below it.
Go to Insert->Break
In the window that pops open, select 'Continuous' for section break types.

That is pretty much it.Insert as many section breaks in this way to divide your document into sections.

People generally insert a break at the end of a page (so you position your cursor at the end of the page and then insert the page break), but you can insert them anywhere on a page..

You can also actually view the section break you just created by clicking the page break symbol (shown below)on your Word's standard toobar. Click the same button again to make all those formatting tags disappear.
Page break symbol

And this is how your sections divide up your Word document. Beginning of the document to the first page break is one section, and will follow one numbering scheme, then this page break to the next page break is another section, and so on. Each section can be configured to have it's own numbering scheme (i.e. roman, characters or numbers) and the section numbering may start from 1 or continue forward from where the numbering scheme for previous section ended.

So how do we number these section we just created:-
-Go to the start of your section (where you inserted the page break, or first page in case of the first section of the document).

-Click View->Header and Footers (double-clicking the bottom part a page would also bring up the same dialog box)

-Depending on where you want you your page numbers (generally people go for the bottom of the page - footer) scroll to the now highlighted header or the footer. Click on the header/footer box.

- Now from the little Header and Footer dialog box, click Insert Autotext, and select -PAGE-. You will see numbers appear in the footer part of the page.

-Then click the 'Format Page Numbers' button. This gives you the choice for number format (roman or numerical).

-'Page Numbering' section of the 'Format Page Numbers' window gives you the option to continue numbering from previous section or to start anew for this section.

That's all there is, should take more that 5 minutes, right??

The procedure to insert page numbers in Microsoft Word 2007 is even easier. Just click on Insert tab, then click on Page Number button in Header & Footer group

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