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HOW TO prepare for GRE in 15 days

How do I prepare for GRE or TOEFL in 15 days, I haven't started yet?!?!

Lots of students procrastinate their preparation until the last month or 15 days of taking their GRE of TOEFL exams (and I too am guilty as charged :) ). Well, we all know how bad that sucks. But the question is, once you are in that boat, how do you sail through, or at least try and give it your best shot? So how do you prepare for your GRE in 15 days or a month??

Now I am saying this from my personal experience, and this may or may NOT work for you. So do not curse me later and take this only as an advice and not a rule, and the best advice is to start your preparation at least 6 months before your GRE exam date.. Although I was not the one who did not start until one-month from my exam, I mean I was doing the word lists and math on and off, but I do say that I really, really studied for my GRE in the last one month. And what tremendously helped me was to take a GRE sample test each day for one month. I took the test, then I took a break, and then I went back to analyzing what I did wrong, what the problem areas were, and where I needed to really focus. Of course I did go through the correct answers for questions I got wrong. But rather than just leaving it there, I revisited the concept that the question was based on, and made sure that the next time I came across a question based on the same concept, I would have an improved chance of getting it right.

Now some of us try to remember / cram up question that we get wrong. That has been known to fail more often than it might work. Ask any student that has taken the GRE. The important thing I think is to focus more on that concept that you did not quite understand, and because of which you got the question wrong. So all you procrastinators, pull you pants up quick and make this last month count for good.


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