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HOW TO find super cheap New York city hostels

If you are like me and travel on a tight budget, you have more often than not searched for cheap hostels in a city all over the internet with less than impressive results. While a simple google search gets you all those top hostels that can afford to spend the big bucks to advertise and show up on first page of google search results, they are not necessarily the cheapest. Today I will share a tip on how to search for cheap "New York hostels" quickly and efficiently to find the best deal in town. Let's get started.

**Go to
**Then type 'New York' in the search box. Click on Search. The map should now show a map of the general area of New York city now.
**Now once the map for New York is fully displayed, type 'hostels' in search box (delete the New York that's already there). Hit Search again.

There you go, now you have a list of all New York hostels. You can click on the tagged pins (with tags A, B, C, etc.. ) to get details on that hostel (including their website-address and phone number for reservations) as well as on the small red dots. All these tagged pins and red dots represent New York hostels. Just click on any one to get details about them. Here are a couple of pictures to show what it should look like:-

                                       You can click on the images for a sharper image

Another really useful thing is that you also get to read reviews on the hostels that show up on the map. Again, just click a dot or a tagged pin, and it should show you a link to reviews (if any are in fact available) in the box that pops open.

You can also move around the map (hold down the left click mouse button, and move the map) to look for hostels in a specific ares of New York. In fact, you can follow this procedure to find hostels in any city in the US. Just bring up the map for the general area of that city first, and then search for hostels. Easy, right?

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